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Unpopular opinion but I think it’s over the top that everyone is posting big long rip statuses like they’ve lost an uncle or like a brother. I understand that people may have felt like they knew him and his job was a “big” part of your childhood but I don’t like having celebrity death or death in general take over completely and swallow Facebook whole. I honestly think 40% is just doing it for likes and popurity. When you know someone who passes away or kills them self not everyone they knew jumps on Facebook to get a good status in about it. Get out of my face

I miss Thailand. 

I miss my boys! I want to get back to Australia already but I bloody hate flights is always fear I’ll die and I’m in bed watching wolverine and I think I can hear gun shots and it’s freaking me the fuck out

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Thai TV is whack

I miss pot. I miss having an appetite. I miss not being in constant muscular pain. I miss being able to sleep. I miss my bird, I miss tap water, I miss my dogs, I miss my rodents, I miss sydney :c